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Wood Duck Nest Box Monitoring


Failed Boxes % all boxes
Location Eggs Laid Eggs Hatched Eggs Unhatched % Hatched # of eggs  
ACLT 38 37 1 97% 0 97%
Battle Creek Nature Ctr 12 12 0 100% 0 100%
Calvert Cliffs State Park 100 57 7 89% 36 57%
Cove Farm 28 14 0 100% 14 50%
Cove Point NHT 0       0  
Flag Ponds Nature Park 43 28 15 65% 0 65%
Ward Farm Nature Park 43 42 1 98% 0 98%
Total 264 190 24 89% 50

Notes from 2017

ACLT: Plan on adding a number of new boxes at Horse Swamp for the 2018 season.

Battle Creek: Prothonotary Warblers like the boxes; their broods were larger than those in the PW boxes.

Calvert Cliffs: The water level in Grey's Creek continues to be very low.

Will have to move at least 2 boxes on Thomas Creek because of Phragmites.

Cove Farm: Starlings invaded one of the boxes; could not confirm hatching.

CPNHT: 1st full yr.  Wasps were an issue; will soap boxes in the spring to see if that deter the wasps.

Flag Ponds: Multiple double broods this year.

Ward Farm: Adding Prothonotary Warblers boxes. Will have to keep an eye on the warblers use of the Wood Duck Boxes.

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