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About Us

Calvert Nature Society is dedicated to the protection and preservation of Calvert County’s natural heritage and the creation of an environmentally literate and aware community. We provide opportunities for appreciation and understanding of our natural world through our outreach initiatives and in support of the mission of the Calvert County Natural Resources Division.


Strategic Plan - 2015-2019 (pdf)
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Calvert Nature Society Board of Directors:

Joyce Baki, President
Bev Izzi, Vice President
Martha Grahame, Treasurer
Cassandra Okwumabua, Secretary
Kevin Frere, Director
John H. Jones, Director
Judge E. Gregory Wells, Director

Lloyd Hepburn, Emeritus Director
Julia Cornellier, Emeritus Director

Dwight Williams, Land Manager 

Natural Resources Division

Staff contact information

Park Phone Numbers:
Battle Creek Cypress Swamp: 410-535-5327

Flag Ponds Nature Park: 410-586-1477
Kings Landing Park: 410-535-2661

Calvert County Natural Resources Division website