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Registration Opening Dates

Programs have staggered registration dates. We advertise programs before registration opens which is why you may see that registration is closed, yet there are spaces available.  See details >


In spring 2021, George Mason University students, under the supervision of folklorists and professor Dr. Lisa Gilman, conducted virtual interviews with community members on "Calvert County: The Culture of Agriculture Past and Present.” Students gathered photographs and other documentation, and produced podcasts, videos, and other materials for use by the county.

We held a workshop, provided by the American Folklife Center which integrated training students with providing opportunities for Calvert County residents to develop interviews skills as part of this larger project.

Resources from the Workshop

February 16, 2021 Presentation (pdf)

Anderson and Jack. 1991. Learning to Listen: Interview Techniques and Analyses (PDF) In Women’s Words: The Feminist Practice of Oral History, ed. Gluck, Sherna Berger and Daphne Patai. New York: Routledge. (pdff)

Folklife and Fieldwork (pdf)

The Big Picture: Hear My Voice Facebook Live, 2/25/2021


No events available.

Past events

08/29/2022 Calvert Stewards 101
04/25/2022 Exploring your Backyard and Beyond with iNaturalist and the City Nature Challenge
06/04/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - AM
05/07/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - AM
04/22/2021 City Nature Challenge Training
04/09/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - AM
03/05/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - PM
03/05/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - AM
02/16/2021 Workshop: Interviewing and Oral History in the Time of Covid
02/12/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - PM
02/12/2021 CLASS CANCELED - Homeschool Fridays -Water - AM
01/23/2021 The Magic of Owls
01/08/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - PM
01/08/2021 Homeschool Fridays -Water - AM
12/04/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - PM
12/04/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - AM
11/19/2020 PAXCON Reflections: Outreach and Advocacy for River Health
11/12/2020 PAXCON Reflections: Stream Ecology and Restoration
11/06/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - PM
11/06/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - AM
11/05/2020 PAXCON Reflections: Importance of Wetlands in the Region
10/29/2020 PAXCON Reflections: Climate Change and the Patuxent
10/02/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - PM
10/02/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - AM
09/04/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - PM
09/04/2020 Homeschool Fridays -Invertebrates - AM
08/03/2020 Water Week
07/27/2020 Backyard Explorers
07/25/2020 The Great American Campout 2
07/20/2020 Mad Science LIVE online
07/14/2020 Mud Day Celebration
06/27/2020 Postponed - The Great American Campout

The schedule of events is subject to changed based on the status of the coronavirus response, weather, staffing, and other situations that may arise. If Calvert Nature Society or Calvert County Natural Resources Division cancels a program, a full refund will be issued. 

COVID policies   Cancellation and Refund Policies

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